Published Work

I’ve written for several local Messenger newspapers, links to which are available below.

Passion proved art to Claire’s recoveryEastern Courier, 21st December 2011 (viewable here and here)

Passion Proved Art

Click for enlarged

Jill’s rapt in parcel deliveryEastern Courier, 21st December 2011

Jill's rapt in parcel delivery

click for enlarged

Figures of 9/22 just ‘good luck’East Torrens Messenger, 13th December 2011 (viewable here)

Figures of 9_22 just good luck

click for enlarged

Public food visionEastern Courier, December 7th 2011 (viewable here and here)

Public Food Vision

click for enlarged

Wishlists for SantaCity North Messenger, 6th December 2011 (viewable here and here)

Wishlists for Santa

click for enlarged


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